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The Home Buying Process And The Value Added By Your Buyer Specialist … It’s Complimentary!

The Home Buying process is the road map to your new home.  For first time home buyers, this is a must.  For others, it serves as a reminder for what’s next, each step along the way.


1.  Initial Consultation – Our Buyer Specialists are trained specifically to find your perfect home.  Your first meeting with one of our brokers will include a thorough look at the process to kick off your search.

2.  Mortgage Prequalification – Before shopping, make sure you are able to purchase a home.  A pre qualification is a quick process that one of our preferred lenders will assist you with.  Taking care of this at the beginning of the process can be the difference between securing, or losing, the home you fall in love with.

3.  Find Your Home – Coupling your needs and wants, we compile a list of possible houses, one of which will be your home!

4.  Research/Market Comparison – After we find your home, we’ll make sure you know the fair market value.

5.  Write an Offer – We’ll make an offer and provide due diligence and earnest money, as well as the signed disclosures.

6.  Negotiation – Your Buyer Specialist will negotiate, on your behalf, with the listing agent to reach an agreement on sales price and add ons.

7.  Schedule Inspections –  Because you’ve made the great decision with the Rachel Kendall TEAM, our closing coordinator will join the process at this point to schedule the necessary inspections and keep us on track to close on time.

8.  Pre-Closing Walk Through – Done the morning of the closing, to make sure all repairs have been made and the property is in the agreed upon condition of the sale.

9.  Lender/Loan Process – Your credit check, home appraisal and verification.

10.  Title and Surveys – Your closing attorney will complete the title search and order surveys to be sure the seller is delivering a clear title to you at closing.

11.  Final Paperwork – Review and sign the HUD-1 form and obtain funds needed to bring to closing.

12.  Closing – Get a pen ready and make it official.

Welcome to your new home!!!!!

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