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Buyer Agency is a Benefit to You!

RKT groupWhen a buyer agency relationship exists between you and your Rachel Kendall Team buyer specialist, you are entitled to special responsibilities, services, and benefits including, but not limited to:

Loyalty – We act in the best interest of the buyer throughout the home buying process.

Obedience – We work for you, the buyer, and are obligated to follow the lawful instructions you provide.

Disclosure – We provide honesty and transparency of all material facts such as relationships between the agent and other parties, existence of other offers, status of earnest money, seller’s financial condition, property’s true worth, and the legal effect(s) of important contract provisions.

Confidentiality – Our conversations and personal information you provide will remain between client and agent.

Accounting in Dealings – We take responsibility and care of all monies related to the purchase of your home.

Reasonable Skill and Care – Our goal is to help you come to a decision about the offering price of a home you select.  We arrive at a reasonable purchase price by providing a thorough market analysis report, discovering and investigating material facts related to the sale and disclosing them to the buyer.

With buyer agency, your best interests will be represented in the purchase of your home.  Without buyer agency the buyer is not technically represented.  Being represented by an agent gives you special insight on the property, house, sellers, and the market in general that you would otherwise not be privy to without representation.  Above and beyond this, working with the Rachel Kendall Team gives you access to and the support of a full compliment of real estate professionals who specialize in the various areas of securing and closing on the home you choose.

Hear firsthand from one of our dozens of satisfied clients from last month in A September Success Story and read testimonials from others over the years.



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