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Mordecai in Raleigh, NC

Just like the Oakdale residential community, Mordecai is a historical neighborhood that is also located in Raleigh.

This well-known historic neighborhood has the unique honor of being home to the Mordecai House and the Birthplace of American President Andrew Johnson.

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Historic Properties in Mordecai

Perhaps the most famous residence within Mordecai is the Mordecai House, which is considered the oldest residence in Raleigh.

And here’s a fun fact: the home still sits in its original foundation!

The Mordecai House is a standing history lesson, telling the story of the plantation era in the Old South.
Historians believe the home’s oldest part was built in 1785.

At one point, the Mordecai home sat on one of the largest farms in the county. The 5,000 acre farm was highly successful in its day.

The home is the focal point for the Mordecai Historic Park, which features several more historical buildings such as St. Marks Chapel and the Bager-Iredell Office.

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It’s neighborhoods like Mordecai and Oakdale that really showcases what makes Raleigh such a special city to live.

These neighborhoods highlight Raleigh’s commitment to its historical structures.

That kind of commitment is sure to instill confidence in any interested Wake County home buyer! After all, it demonstrates that the city takes pride in both its structures as well as its people and history.

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Quick Facts

Area: Raleigh, NC

Price Range: $189,000 – $575,000

Sq Ft Range: 1,060 – 3,000 sq ft

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