Abby Talmadge

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    My Raleigh chapter began when my family decided to move to North Carolina from Wisconsin. I attended Wake County public schools, spent family time in the mountains and on the coast, and became well versed in southern hospitality. My years in the area have not only convinced me that “ya’ll” is the most useful word to originate south of the Mason-Dixon, but also that the triangle is one of the best places to be if you’re looking for growth, opportunity, and an elevated quality of life.

    After graduating with honors from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Religious Studies I set my career path toward real estate. My love for culture studies combined with my developed customer service skillset seemed a perfect fit for helping newcomers and locals find the right landing spot to call home. I chose the Rachel Kendall team: a true team of real estate experts dedicated to a collaborative approach that ensures each client receives the best service this market has to offer. I have never seen a professional team work so well together! They are warm, welcoming, and ready to help whenever asked. I am honored to have a spot on this team and I am dedicated to bringing the positivity & efficiency our culture fosters into my work with you.

    When I'm not at the office you can find me daydreaming about my next trip abroad, photographing beautiful things, or working on my disc golf game. There truly is nothing more satisfying than building mastery!

    I look forward to meeting you and I'm excited to help you and your family bring your dreams of the right home into fruition!

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    Abby Talmadge
    Rachel Kendall Team, LLC
    5316 Six Forks Rd. Suite 200
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    Phone: (919) 626-8717

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